Beginnings, journey, Nature

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

This is Day One of the VintageTrish website and blog. I can say that I am very glad I have experience in writing, blogging, running a website, and social media.

Because I’m going to need every bit of the above to get this up and running! The enthusiasm for my content–well that’s a given. I’m not short on words for Nature – every blog I write will be related to it. If I’m talking and writing for myself only…that’s fine! I treat it like a diary. But maybe you’d be curious enough to join me.

I began my career as a Health Information Officer in 1991. I started my first natural food garden as a newlywed, on my apartment balcony. The passion continued throughout my career as an adult educator, multi media artist & writer, while operating my training business, & raising two sons with my husband. In 2014 completed my Permaculture Design Certificate with renowned practitioner and educator, Geoff Lawton. Coupled with my 25 years gardening experience I now felt ready to take this ‘hobby’ to another level. I have infused my unique skills in natural gardening, holistic thinking, living, & health education, into VintageTrish. This is the most ‘Me’ I have ever been. That’s why I’m ‘Vintage’Trish (as well as a love for Vintage fused with Contemporary).

I think you’ll like this and I hope you tell me why in the comments section. You won’t find me on FaceBook anymore. But all my social media links are here for VintageTrish YouTube, Instagram , Twitter , Pinterest  and in the Welcome section, so please join me there too! We will be a wonderful community talking mindful, positive, Natural content. The space is set. You and your friends are welcome. Let’s meet again soon 🌸

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


© Trish McGill 2018

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