Garden History, Life and my Garden

Autumn Strawberry

A ripening strawberry in the Autumn sun… a few steps from my back door.

It’s the little things that make me smile.

Strawberries are a favourite of mine because they are the first food plant I grew on my balcony, when I was newly married 26 years ago.

Back then I used a free box the fruit man gave me and bought the plants very cheaply. I divided the three plants I had into 6 smaller plants from memory…always frugal thinking.

Anyway they thrived, and we feasted at a time when everything we had was going to saving for a house. We bought that house 9 months later and it’s the same house we live in today.

I was hooked on my food garden.

There has been a lot of food grown naturally in my large suburban food garden by these hands of mine, in the years between.

But the strawberry will always be… my heart.❤️🌸

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