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Clear Rosewater Spritz…No Chemicals

Imagine the luxury.

You bring in an armful of organically grown scented roses from your garden, and instead of putting them into a vase, you make your own non toxic clear rosewater spritz.

This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable benefits I reap from my plentiful garden roses in Autumn. I choose light shades of scented roses for my rosewater spritz, to avoid staining.

I use the resulting rosewater as a gentle cooling facial and body spritz, as a mood lifter, light scent or room spray. Some use it as a final scented rinse when washing their hair.

With just two ingredients it’s very simple to make. The ingredients are organically grown, no chemical rose petals, and water.

If you’re allergic to roses or citrus, do not attempt this recipe or use it. Even if you’re not allergic, always do a small patch test of rosewater on your wrist, before you use it on your face or body. Always avoid the eye areas when spraying it. If you’re using it as a room spray, make sure no one is allergic to roses where you use it.

Roses sprayed with chemicals are obviously unsuitable for this recipe..and if your roses are from a florist, can you be sure they haven’t been sprayed? If you don’t grow your own roses, shopping at a local organic flower supplier you trust to know the background of how their roses are grown, is one way around that.

While there are many ways to make rosewater, this spritz is simple and won’t last long. That’s because it has no preservative. It should be made in small quantities, kept in the fridge and used often, while fresh.

You’ll need :

0.5 cups organically grown rose petals washed thoroughly 3 times

1.5 cups pure or distilled water

A pot with fitted lid and a stove to boil the rose petals

A strainer and glass bowl to strain the finished rosewater liquid into

A sterilised clear glass bottle to decant the rosewater into, for storage in the fridge

A small brown spray container bottle to fill with your rosewater.

A funnel and perhaps a jug, to use in the decanting steps





Step 1: Wash the rose petals very thoroughly

Step 2: Bring 1.5 cups pure or distilled water to a boil in the pot on the stove

Step 3: Add 1/2 cup of rose petals

Step 4: Reduce heat to simmer, put the pot lid on and simmer until the petals go see-through

Step 5: Remove pot from stove to cooling area. Let cool.

Step 6: Strain the clear petals from the now cooled rosewater into glass bowl

Step 7: Using the funnel, decant the rosewater into a sterilised glass bottle and spray bottle

Step 8: Store all filled rosewater containers in the fridge, let sit for 1 week

Step 9: Enjoy your rosewater, remembering it won’t keep too long

While I know admiring roses in a beautiful vase is satisfying in itself, using a rosewater spritz that cost you nothing, or very little…..is luxury.

Disclaimer… Please do your own research for your own needs and context. The author assumes no responsibility for any outcomes of anyone using this well researched and documented blog post. Enjoy making and using your Clear Rosewater Spritz. 🌸




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